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Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

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  • Its_criss perez
    Its_criss perez

    14:07 Haha

  • Jen S
    Jen S

    Wow I’ll bet her pathetic team takes this down. Why does Kylie look like an old hag with sunken in cheeks? It’s so funny that she thinks she looks even remotely attractive. Must look even more horrific in person 😂😂🐽

  • beatriz bernabe
    beatriz bernabe

    Kendall should have a skin care products like she is a model i feel she Will have influence

  • ziloşşş

    stormi is soooooooo cute😻


    Stormi is just a sweet child!!! ❤️✨

  • Free Your Mind
    Free Your Mind

    I just think life would be better for me if i could go hiking. And forget about commercials and youtube.

  • Manuella Manuella
    Manuella Manuella

    "To True"🥺

  • Estefany Gomes
    Estefany Gomes

    Cadê os brasileiros? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Luce Lucenten
    Luce Lucenten

    I need a Bellami wig!! @kyliejenner

  • Luce Lucenten
    Luce Lucenten

    Im trying to get a Bellami wig!!! @kyliejenner

  • marimo jamyr
    marimo jamyr

    If my mom was "Kris f******* Jenner" I would be opening up my own cosmetic line. . 🤭

  • darcy delano
    darcy delano

    Well we'll you didn't sell out on your makeup launch. Wonder why??? Your losing fans. Because of trashing people on line. Drunk launch wow how stupid.

  • Lriv. 03
    Lriv. 03

    Kylie & Kourt = underrated duo

  • Lriv. 03
    Lriv. 03

    “And you’re my favorite sister don’t tell the rest” The others watching like: 👁👄👁

  • ᗷᗩᗷᗩᑎ


  • slylover123

    whats the code in the description?

  • Neha

    18:00 me when i feel something is inside my shirt

  • Nokubonga queen b
    Nokubonga queen b

    Ok Kendall is definitely drunk no cap😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hghv Hvtgf
    Hghv Hvtgf

    My brother is soooooo mean but your baby is so cute

  • chrysanthi konst
    chrysanthi konst

    She is so sweet

    • chrysanthi konst
      chrysanthi konst

      !!!!!!! ❤❤

  • Dilmieh

    Krisssssss 💖

  • boss lady
    boss lady

    Love videos

  • _Worldwide_Beautiful_

    I feel rich now

  • ꧁Løbinha Crazy Gacha꧂
    ꧁Løbinha Crazy Gacha꧂

    Oh my god she is so cute! She is a golden girl never seen anyone as polite as her! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Nikita Doshi
    Nikita Doshi

    I love kylie ❤

  • MsNikkieMichelle

    Kris is absolutely right when she said we all struggle with things. I completely understand that people have different opinions when it comes to plastic surgery, fillers, Botox etc but what’s not nice and actually very ignorant is the judgement and stigma put on those who do have a nip and tuck done. I respect their feelings but don’t be negative or cruel about it. I have a few insecurities and I would absolutely go under the knife to tweak/fix them because I know it would boost my confidence and comfort level so much. I lost weight and struggle with a little loose tummy skin and even though Im proud of my weight loss and try to not harp on it and stay positive, at the end of the day I hate it. I’ve literally said I wish I could cut it off myself that’s how much I dislike my tummy. I know people preach to love themselves how they are and embrace their bodies and themselves but it’s hard. I just really don’t understand why people who get fillers or plastic surgery are judged so heavily and have a mob with pitchforks coming to tear them down. With anything (as long as it’s safe and not hurting anyone) people are allowed to do what they want (again within reason) because we all have only ONE life to live, one chance at it so why can’t we do/be with whom ever and whatever makes us happy? I shouldn’t have to live my precious life unhappy because of other people stigmatizing and judging. Do you. Be happy. ♥️

  • Elena Pomeroy
    Elena Pomeroy

    “we also have a new formula” aka they got sued for their old formula and had to make a new one lmao

  • Sofia Ladushkina
    Sofia Ladushkina

    Просто вы все видели, что у Сторми на футболки написано "Кактус Джек" НА РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ, РЕБЯТА?????.

  • Neni Pepan
    Neni Pepan

    Why stormy cry

  • Fatema Bohra
    Fatema Bohra

    stormee so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandhya Umrao
    Sandhya Umrao

    I am 13 year old I am really Insecure about my whole body like head to toe and my mom says that it's a phase of being a teenager but I want to end this Insecurity and Kylie is my inspiration for it.

  • Jayda Dwells
    Jayda Dwells

    THESE SISTERS HAVE THE BEST RELATIONSHIP LIKE WTF! Both so pretty and sooo heartful! 💛💜💛💜💜💛

  • Prabhdeep kaur 9693
    Prabhdeep kaur 9693

    Your makeup isn't really black skin friendly n I don't think so stormi will be able to use that in future n for someone with black daughter it isn't really expected

  • varshini =]
    varshini =]

    When they pour the alcohol in that girl at first I literally confused why the heck does the alcohol colour changed into pink And when they drink Then I realised iam the dumbest girl in the word T-T

  • tiktok hater
    tiktok hater

    the fact that she can choose which car to take "im cryinggg"....

  • JimP P U
    JimP P U

    They don't deserve 20 million views on every video

  • Deepika Kushwah (deepikaxinsta)
    Deepika Kushwah (deepikaxinsta)

  • Ava Aesthique editing
    Ava Aesthique editing

    Stormi just breaks my heart, shes adorable ❤️✨

  • uma pessoa aleatoria
    uma pessoa aleatoria

    CADÊ OS BR ?

  • Mariukas


  • Im pilaa
    Im pilaa

    These videos actually inspired me a lottt 😭💖💖

  • caca azz
    caca azz


  • Aida Syukrina
    Aida Syukrina

    Omg Kylie looks so pretty and she’s so nice to stormyyyyy she’s such a great mom

  • Kristal Lopez
    Kristal Lopez

    Colourpop is literally the same thing and way more affordable.. It's the "Kardashian" idea/show that made this boom like crazy. Not just Kylie herself. Everyone wanted to have that "Kardashian look".

  • •angelina•

    we hate ads but this video- can't fucking skip

  • •angelina•

    the only thing i relate in this video is screaming and shouting which me and my frnds used to do~

  • Minna

    i feel like kylie wanted to kiss her the whole time

  • Kimjisoo Kim
    Kimjisoo Kim

    حتى فوضتهم تهبل

  • Nichelle Kocourek
    Nichelle Kocourek

    It's sad how much y'all idolize these people.

  • Jhason Noroña
    Jhason Noroña

    i love how they do it together🥺❤️💗my heart melts!

  • Asuna Asuzuka
    Asuna Asuzuka

    I like how she spent time with her daughter

  • ArcticNemisis

    Kylie Jenner is like the only nice Jenner get me right here

  • Wala lang
    Wala lang

    Why everyone said shes a bad mom because her face like bad mom?

  • Girl Gaming Productions
    Girl Gaming Productions

    i decided to watch this so i can see cute little stormi

  • Olo olo
    Olo olo

    So they post a self-praising video and all of a sudden everyone is brainwashed or what? Like good business case study but worst thing for women out there

  • chloe lynn
    chloe lynn

    i love how kris answered when the interviewer asked who are you ?? kris replied kris f*cking jenner like ahh

  • Olo olo
    Olo olo

    You choose to talk about your lip insecurity because that makes you money. Yet you make other women feel like something is wrong with them by claiming that the rest of your body is fully real. Just playing with the minds of billions.

  • Angie Jo
    Angie Jo

    Kourtney is literally the most beautiful Kardashian by a land slide.

  • Olo olo
    Olo olo

    Interesting come-back marketing gimmick. And dude 1.1 cr subscribers, like can we at least not subscribe to women selling abnormal standards of beauty. ( Lol I am watching the video anyway cz well - it has its appeal)

  • Angie Jo
    Angie Jo

    Kim's skin looks tired!!

  • Kevin Hitzemann
    Kevin Hitzemann

    Do you see? The masterpiece!

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  • rainbow zone 🌻
    rainbow zone 🌻

    I thought Kyle is a bad person but I really like her ☺️

  • Regina B
    Regina B

    LoL it’s a joke

  • Dreamy Venus
    Dreamy Venus

    Kylie getting offended when someone says Kendalls makeup is better was the funniest Leo thing I've seen in my life "her liner looks like shit" "is that your friend or my friend?" DAMN

  • Nikita Doshi
    Nikita Doshi

    Lip kits are best ❤❤

  • Nikita Doshi
    Nikita Doshi

    Kylie comestics lip kit are best in the whole world ❤❤❤

  • Nikita Doshi
    Nikita Doshi

    I love kylie ❤❤❤

  • Priya Beniwal
    Priya Beniwal

    The way she winks. Just wow

  • Mysha 's YouTube Channel
    Mysha 's YouTube Channel

    Where's travis scott

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown

    all the women killin it, i’m thriving for it 🤍

  • Arunima K.S
    Arunima K.S

    I always look Kylie as a role model. At this very small age she achieved so much things . She is not like her sisters she is unique and stormi ...... baby ....... She is so cute.

  • Crybaby Circusbaby
    Crybaby Circusbaby

    Bro I remember when I searched up Kendall stories on wattpad and I remember reading a weird wattpad story about Kendall and Kylie in love like more than sisters. It was lowkey fire, but cringe af at the same time....that was the weirdest thing I have ever seen about Kendall and Kylie lol