Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloé
Khloé and I decided to celebrate my birthday collection launch by filming a drunk get ready with me video. Watch as we take shots, do our makeup together and invite some special guests to join us. This is definitely the most fun I’ve ever had making a video!

My birthday collection will be available this Saturday, August 10 at 9:00am pst on www.kyliecosmetics.com

  • Rouaa queen
    Rouaa queen


  • hazal yafdz
    hazal yafdz

    9:32 kylie looks like kendall🥺🥺😍💕

  • 𝔂𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓻𝓪


  • The only Mixedupqueen
    The only Mixedupqueen

    I don’t understand why some do not like Kylie, she’s like the sweetest sister 🥺

  • Lriv. 03
    Lriv. 03

    “And you’re my favorite sister don’t tell the rest” The others watching like: 👁👄👁

  • Chitrakshi DasMahaptra
    Chitrakshi DasMahaptra

    Im tired of listening the beep sound😂

  • Izabella Zukowska
    Izabella Zukowska

    I feel like kylie looks so young in this. Aww baby girl

  • Carla Martinez
    Carla Martinez

    18:30 is GOLD 😭

  • jermaine lindo
    jermaine lindo

    we love all kardashians princess👸 👑

  • Christine Meland
    Christine Meland

    Rip everyone whit headphones😂💀

  • Caroline Piazza
    Caroline Piazza

    RIP headphone users 😂

  • Brooklyn

    The ending is my absolute favorite!

  • Brooklyn


  • Angie Jo
    Angie Jo

    I really do like Khole....

  • Evil angel .
    Evil angel .

    18:40 i still laughing so much

  • Sean Cunningham
    Sean Cunningham

    The what is your name is the best

  • Hue Hofner
    Hue Hofner

    mega splat w the barrettes.

  • Antonette Teoxon
    Antonette Teoxon


  • Gen

    Khloe with the Juul 😂😂

  • Kerstina Naser
    Kerstina Naser

    Damn they can scream

  • Desiree’s life
    Desiree’s life

    12:08 i love how they just realized they were moms 😂

  • brianaslityoutube Yo
    brianaslityoutube Yo

    I cant watch this with headphones on

  • Seascapes

    Khloe is her favorite kuz khloe is black :3

  • Christina M.
    Christina M.

    Kloe money 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰 💰

  • Christina M.
    Christina M.

    I fully love this💗

  • Magic with Chloe
    Magic with Chloe

    My ears are bleeding because they screamed Cory camble ahhhhh

  • Tanisha Singh
    Tanisha Singh

    khloe vapes She’s cool

  • the Doolans😚
    the Doolans😚

    Is it hard to open a can I love this so much 🥰💟🙂🙂

  • Isabella Espinoza
    Isabella Espinoza

    I have one question..............Why is Kylie not letting us see who liked this video and who disliked this video. Can somebody please reply to me and answer this specific question because the people want to know. ( I want to know )

  • Annisha Sarwer
    Annisha Sarwer

    The fact that they wear white shirts everything)e they film this type of video tho:

  • Miram Anglin
    Miram Anglin


  • Bridget Anderson
    Bridget Anderson

    Fucking Khloe loves mr clean as much as I do lmfao.

  • Ella  Newell
    Ella Newell

    Kourtney, kim , khloe , kendall, kylie

  • Sarah

    "I'm not falling for that shit" 😭😭😂😭😂😭😭😭😂

  • Amanda Corl
    Amanda Corl

    Oh my God I will literally do anything to have Kylie do my makeup or just hang out with Kylie and Khloe for like an hour oh my god seriously!

  • i stan JISOO
    i stan JISOO

    They say money doesn't bring love, but love doesn't bring money either

  • Holly Owens
    Holly Owens

    Whats the song khlos listening to on FaceTime

  • maya loves unicorns
    maya loves unicorns

    God I hate rich people

  • ally 🧿
    ally 🧿

    16:33 RIP headphone users

  • Jatin Jain
    Jatin Jain

    I got drunk and watched you love you

  • Bryce Ewy
    Bryce Ewy

    *Khole holds up compact with mirror* "What is this? I love this." *Kylie only looks into her own reflection.* DEAD LOL 19:08

    • Bryce Ewy
      Bryce Ewy

      The very end is a close second for most funny. Such a funny video!

  • Olivia Hallum
    Olivia Hallum

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  • Haytame Moataz
    Haytame Moataz

    Kylie is so perfect her back teeth don t have any fillings and her personnality is extravagant it hurts when i look at herbi wish o could just work for her at least and serve her perfection

  • Shreya Chakraborty
    Shreya Chakraborty

    We need more of it 💕💕💕💕

  • Yoana Davidkova
    Yoana Davidkova

    Kylie: "You're my favorite sister, don't tell the rest" Kendall watching the video:👁️👄👁️

  • cristahoffer24

    9:56 Khloes so drunk hahaha

  • Travis Scott
    Travis Scott

    Yup! In my white, they go need Google just to find me

  • Travis Scott
    Travis Scott

    Why you think she got that for you lmbo lol oh my okay but daum I’m just watching this

  • Travis Scott
    Travis Scott

    Yo you made a promise not to touch the Kylie Pink encrusted Bottle just saying 🧊

  • Kpoppin

    The fact that it's covid and they all r drinking from same bottle is sweet...familyyyy

  • Mariam Petrosyan
    Mariam Petrosyan

    14:02 me in my earphones: dead

  • Randi Dukes
    Randi Dukes

    Def headphone warning ⚠️ I mean the amount of times they blew my eardrums during this video 😂

  • Hapeville Charter Career Academy
    Hapeville Charter Career Academy

    kris turning down a drink is so new too meeee “ I’m not falling for that shit ” just love her 😍🥳

  • yesenia bvby
    yesenia bvby

    Sofia hating the whole time

  • yesenia bvby
    yesenia bvby

    Khole is so pretty I’m sorry

  • Kpoppin

    I need a Khloe sister in my life

  • Kpoppin

    The fact that kylie looks so good without makeup after using so much of makeup through out all years..her skins perfect



  • Hapeville Charter Career Academy
    Hapeville Charter Career Academy

    Bro if that shit says tone and not tani I’m doneeeee 🤣🤣

  • Hapeville Charter Career Academy
    Hapeville Charter Career Academy

    Khloe : “oww u just punched me” ( tape rollback ) Kylie : Taps

  • Missy B
    Missy B

    What are they drinking

  • Cass Thompson
    Cass Thompson

    I CANNOT stand the freaking screaming every couple of minutes....like damn, y'all have microphones on ya know...whoever edited this video should have cut those damn eardrum shattering squalls out lol

  • Adriana Cecilia
    Adriana Cecilia

    Lmao Khloes face when Kylie laughed after saying pouffy poof 💀

  • Transformación Con Lola
    Transformación Con Lola

    The guy can’t stop looking at Kyle

  • Khadija Kenya
    Khadija Kenya

    Kylie: oooooh Kimberly West Chloe: No, its Kimberly Kardashian Me: 😂😂

  • jasmine D
    jasmine D

    Does anyone know what the song Khloe was listening too in her car

  • Alandria Sheffer
    Alandria Sheffer

    she said KARDASHIAN not west

  • Alandria Sheffer
    Alandria Sheffer

    khole looks beautiful without all the makeup

  • RS royal
    RS royal


  • LD M
    LD M

    Sofia was like wtf lol

  • LD M
    LD M

    Seeing this a year later and Khloe does not look crazy. She looks GREAT!!! 🌺

  • Lois Grace Waters
    Lois Grace Waters

    My fav Kardashian is Kylie, but I have really gotten in Khloe lately!!!!! She is sooo funny❤️🌸

  • Sabrina Montano
    Sabrina Montano

    Coming from someone who never had to struggle for a dollar 🖕🏼

  • HnnDJ

    For those curious as to what song Khloe was playing in her car at 1:13, it's EX by Kiana Ledé. :)

  • Midhat Zehra
    Midhat Zehra

    James Charles also did this

  • Giovani Firth
    Giovani Firth

    Notice how Kylie called Kim “Kimberly West” and Khloe corrected her “kardashian” .... I guess this was when she was wanting to divorce Kanye

  • K P
    K P

    OMGosh, this video picks me up everytime I'm down... Thanks Khloe and Kylie for the belly laughs and for putting a smile back on my face.. Love you girlz..💜🥰🥰💜 And thanks for showing up Corey G! You're a real trooper...💙

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam

    Khloe is the best for this video when she drunk its funny!

  • Leanna MaryJane Lopez
    Leanna MaryJane Lopez

    The sassyness from Khloe about money lol love it

  • Ishanvi Sharma
    Ishanvi Sharma

    Before Khloe gets drunk - "Hey Guyss, I am khloe Kylie's sister". After Khloe gets drunk - What's your name? 😂

  • muffin

    Here is your puffy puff , and here is my phuffy phuff 😂💀

  • Olivia Atkins
    Olivia Atkins

    What everyone’s favorite songs I need to make a new playlist

    • Olivia Atkins
      Olivia Atkins


    • Bhavna K
      Bhavna K

      night changes and 2002

    • L L
      L L

      The other side-Conan gray

  • Kid By Art
    Kid By Art

    Thnx! ;) clvb lvu

  • Kylie barnett
    Kylie barnett

    khloe talking about mr clean has me crying

  • Jamie Jean
    Jamie Jean

    This is so entertaining, I've watched it SO MANY TIMES and it never gets old 🤣

  • g100med


  • Kayy Hernandez
    Kayy Hernandez

    Lmaoooooo they’re so funny and cute

  • Sakshi Singh
    Sakshi Singh

    I just hung up !! Coz i m bored 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 - khole !!! Is a mood

  • Rui Oliveira
    Rui Oliveira


  • Destiny Love
    Destiny Love

    Love when khloe says the B**** word it’s like your supposed to say it like that if your going to use it

  • Agus Rodriguez
    Agus Rodriguez

    I love this❤

  • Egx

    Which one is better? Kendall or khloe

  • shauna cohn
    shauna cohn

    But what are they drinking??

  • Christian D. Golson
    Christian D. Golson

    “You Focus BITCH! That was never gonna happen” 😂😂😂

  • Kolyn Findley
    Kolyn Findley

    Intermission=intervention lmao

  • Inez Loebs
    Inez Loebs

    RIP Headphones Users

  • Nana Sousa
    Nana Sousa


  • pp

    Do it with rob please😂

  • Raegan

    Khloe looks so pretty here!

  • Duchess of Dallas
    Duchess of Dallas

    Love me some damn Khloe ❤️❤️

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