Sister Q&A - Khloé and Kylie
Khloé and I are celebrating the launch of Koko Kollection ROUND 3 with our fun sister Q&A! Pick up the brand new Koko Kollection on June 14 at 3pm pst on and shop the original collection and "In Love with the Koko" collection in all-new updated formulas and gorgeous new packaging.

  • Avanee Yadav
    Avanee Yadav

    Who are the fans of kylie here. .....

  • Taimoor Khan
    Taimoor Khan

    In love when Kylie says aaw so cute 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rami Yako
    Rami Yako

    3:47 can i have one too

  • Tafawa Adridge
    Tafawa Adridge


  • Michelle G.
    Michelle G.

    Khloe resembles Jenny McCarthy here.

  • RS royal
    RS royal

  • Pooja Kaparthi
    Pooja Kaparthi

    Oo bah

  • Natasa Nikcevska
    Natasa Nikcevska

    Ik that's a past collection but June 14 is my birthday bad hehehehe

  • Yashpreet Kaur
    Yashpreet Kaur

    Kylie's SSSS sound issa sssoo sssatisssfying .

  • Karol Santana
    Karol Santana

    help me beat 500 subscribers please

  • Youstina M
    Youstina M

  • octi🐙

    1 million is like a dollar for them

  • majnuboi🌈

    It's me kylie and khloooeee *muaaahhhhhaaahh ccc aaaaaaaah*

  • Anahit Davtyan
    Anahit Davtyan

    Thank u for 4 minute positive 😘😘😘I miss KUWTK 😔

  • Keyate Cephus
    Keyate Cephus

    I love that Kylie doesn't like being called a billionaire and she's not cocky about it

  • Naaz Fatima
    Naaz Fatima

    Her voice is majestic

  • Meathead


  • Noe Florez
    Noe Florez

    From the 702

  • Haimanty & Dewy Hemm
    Haimanty & Dewy Hemm

    your hand and your neck tell bout your age....omg!

  • S R
    S R

    Kylie looked great here. Not too surgeried and classy looking

  • Juliana Kasandra Casiano
    Juliana Kasandra Casiano

    Them talking about their organic oils:💖 me watching this with my cheap shampoo and soap 😟

  • Intangible Realms
    Intangible Realms

    Alien accent..

  • St. Cedric
    St. Cedric

    1:22 ooopss kris jenner

  • Mack zii
    Mack zii

    Kylie still looking drop dead red carpet gorgeousness in that silk bath robe 😭😭😭😭

  • Mansi gaikwad
    Mansi gaikwad


  • Mamu Mau Mau
    Mamu Mau Mau

    So what's her face on the left is trying to be a black woman now??? Oh millennials, time to get all angry and indignant over "cultural appropriation" Yea, drop whatever WOKE S.J.W. cause you are furious over and get to it!!!!!

  • Lipika

    The editor did a good job, actually made it funnier.

  • Jsnsbsbsh Jsjsbjs
    Jsnsbsbsh Jsjsbjs

    Would you eat a cockroach for a million dollars. Khloe's like maybe. I'm like hell yeah

  • Maureen Waweru
    Maureen Waweru

    It was becoming a veterinarian for me😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maria Ward
    Maria Ward

    I'm a HairStylist. Her hair color isn't contrasted very well.

  • Shruthi Radhakrishnan
    Shruthi Radhakrishnan

    The editing of this video is so fun

  • Rosa engracia Jimenez
    Rosa engracia Jimenez

    va muchísimo más guapa con el pelo recogido y maquillada en tonos rosa

  • Lupin Araw
    Lupin Araw

    Khloé smokes good too JB


  • Elise Peterson
    Elise Peterson

    I don't want to throw shade on Kylie, so that is not what I am doing. Can we just appreciate what a knock out Khloe' is? My word, she is gorgeous

  • Amanda Shutz
    Amanda Shutz


  • K N
    K N

    khloe looks so much like kris from the side

  • slayzoe

    You guys are so cute!

  • Elene Jalabadze
    Elene Jalabadze

    Kylie’s smilie is littterally cute

  • Addison Cable
    Addison Cable

    Kylie trying in 1:24 to see if she could model IcOnIc

  • thaiane souza
    thaiane souza

    homie Kylie and such a beautiful💜🌫️

  • Ashritha Alle
    Ashritha Alle

    Kylie: I wouldn't eat a cockroach for a million dollars Khloé: well that's cause you're a billionaire Kylie: *I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that* anyways..

  • Jassi Kour
    Jassi Kour

    Kylie's smile is everything.

  • Gis Fra
    Gis Fra

    oh my gosh yes! Wash your body after because of the conditioner that get left on your body. I wash off with cold water after using warm to shower because it closes my pores and it really helped get rid of the little red bumps I would get. Shea Moisture Coconut Milk with Jojoba Oil smells bomb and makes the 🐱 smell and taste good too hahahaha insider tip lmao

  • Lena Sanz
    Lena Sanz

    Their lifestyle is sooo different from mine wow

  • ester ester
    ester ester

    ok what is wrong with khloe’s skin tone

  • ana raneses
    ana raneses

    chloe still looks young, shes one of kardasian's that i like, i think because of her attitude so sophisticated and glam.

  • Aradhana Kumari
    Aradhana Kumari

    Khloe: chai latte Indian people: try just chai go on SVname search how to make chai

  • Ava Smock
    Ava Smock

    why does Khloe remind me of Audrey from Dawsons creek

  • Anne Lim
    Anne Lim

    Watching From The Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Muzna Khan
    Muzna Khan

    Kylie made this for roast her family funny faces

  • Josie L
    Josie L

    I need to buy body oils! Thanks for the reminder

  • linda mae
    linda mae

    Editing is bomb lmao

  • nana


  • Ellen Mulenga
    Ellen Mulenga

    Yep...I noticed khloe's fingers❤️❤️

  • crashed yelo
    crashed yelo

    "hey guys" was iconic if you know, you're a legend

  • Gayatri Naik
    Gayatri Naik

    I don't why but the way Kylie describes her bath routine is so satisfacting

  • Olivia Rich
    Olivia Rich

    i love Khloe so much

  • Toni Vossi
    Toni Vossi

    So Kylie a SVnamer now😂😂😂... Yooooo she coming for Mr.Beast

  • Svetlana Sivaya
    Svetlana Sivaya

    Chai’ is an Indian word as starbucks is owned by tata group of companies from india and range rover is also owned by the same

  • Sophia Isabella
    Sophia Isabella

    The scandalous purple tentatively perform because starter frustratingly mark beside a barbarous stone. temporary, necessary blue

  • Kinjal Padiya
    Kinjal Padiya

    Amazing sisters!👍❤️😊, Feel like watching again this video!😂

  • فرح الرويلي
    فرح الرويلي


  • فرح الرويلي
    فرح الرويلي


  • فرح الرويلي
    فرح الرويلي


  • Elizab Valeria
    Elizab Valeria

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  • Calvin zane
    Calvin zane

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  • Αντωνης Κο
    Αντωνης Κο


  • Avil Georgescu
    Avil Georgescu

    good job

  • AS Adite Odi
    AS Adite Odi

    Kylie you're just aww. You're looking like soft cake .. if you're a model I want to be your camera to watch you whole day every moment 💙

  • Orpita Mojumdar
    Orpita Mojumdar

    The thoughtless crow pharmacokinetically jail because psychiatrist analytically explain unlike a ruthless beard. teeny, ossified agenda

  • Stassie Baby
    Stassie Baby

    Omg i love your voice so much kylie💖 it is sooooo calming

  • Ananya Kalia
    Ananya Kalia

    1:59 all Indians be like Chaaaaaaaaaaiii omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂



  • Christian Ahn
    Christian Ahn

    The moldy ice basally matter because crack primarily earn afore a obsolete witch. imminent, alleged population

  • jhenifer Santos
    jhenifer Santos


  • Daja Simoné
    Daja Simoné

    Khloé looks so much like Kris

  • ᴘʀᴇᴘᴘʏ.ᴘʜɪᴇᴇ


  • Bessie Brown
    Bessie Brown

    The spicy owner premenstrually reflect because fortnight descriptively rule but a odd t-shirt. unruly, educated apartment

  • Legacy Lo
    Legacy Lo

    Your hand and your neck tells your age. Is this true?

  • Aleyna c
    Aleyna c

    Kylie looks so pretty

  • M

    This is not Khloe, it’s Michael Jackson

  • Mercury Showers
    Mercury Showers

    Kylie always seems so happy when you films with khloe

  • Allison Marie
    Allison Marie

    But her hands kinda had grim reaper vibes....

  • Josiah Ruffin
    Josiah Ruffin

    I like how Khloe said well cause you’re a billionaire and Kylie was like no no no no I’m not

  • Mixaela Toliou
    Mixaela Toliou

    1:46 ouchh

  • Ningi Davies
    Ningi Davies

    Khloe looks like Kris here

  • zoya rizvi
    zoya rizvi

    Well, khloe',s wig looks like a disaster on her skin tone

  • ZEXXER gaming
    ZEXXER gaming

    i love this vid and plus u guys are beautiful and ur amazing

  • Fouzia Rahman
    Fouzia Rahman

    0:14 Khloe looks just like Kris

  • ishmal sarfraz
    ishmal sarfraz

    people want house tour of kylie

  • Jun Yi Qiu
    Jun Yi Qiu

    When you are not even 20 and your hands are older than Khloe’s

  • Ashley Lupinski
    Ashley Lupinski

    Khole is looking like Barbie i love this 😍

  • Caneliz Jung
    Caneliz Jung

    the editor is so extra with these effects

  • Trisha Sikachi ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭
    Trisha Sikachi ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭

    Nobody: Everyone in the comments: "You wouldn't eat a cockroach bc you're a billionaire"

  • amanda jägfeldt
    amanda jägfeldt

    Khloe looks so much like Kris

  • Amy Elizabeth Frith
    Amy Elizabeth Frith

    Good vibes x

  • jordan garraway
    jordan garraway

    the waay he the ediitor placed kim's face is just....

  • Precious Perspective
    Precious Perspective


  • bubble buddy
    bubble buddy

    Is it just me, that thinks Khloe is way dark lol

    • miyahonpluto

      it’s not just you 💀

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